Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Most Significant Effort

I just read a well-articulated article written by a lady against Common Core Standards. At the end of the article, I read all of her organizer, helped form the Tea Party in her state, wrote a novel, and "one of her most significant efforts," founded a Christian school. Wow. Another supermom. And yet, I found myself wondering at that description...especially her "most significant effort" of founding a school. I found myself wondering about her children. Did she have any? What are their ages? And why, if her other "most significant effort" was mentioned, were they not mentioned? Why was her husband not mentioned, either?

Moms, we don't have to succumb to the idea that all the "extras" are what defines us. (Lord, help me in this!) Your most significant effort today is the discipleship of your children. And if any of the novel-writing, group-starting, others-discipleship is getting in the way of your God-given roles as wife and mother, then cut them out. Just cut them out. Don't believe the lie that you must be more, do more, have more. Be what God made you and be happy to wait for a later time to fulfil whatever other talents you've been gifted with. Love is patient. Let your love for God and for your family guide your decisions of where you invest your time. For "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Treasure your family, the only "treasure" you can take with you to eternity. And never, never feel your time investment in those treasures that sit across the school table or dinner table from you is in vain. Die to self and find a sweeter life!

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