Thursday, October 3, 2013

Healing...A Question of Who, not What

Modern medicine claims objectivity and non-religion. Alternative medicine often openly links itself with religion (usually New Age, etc). The difference is that one is pretending and the other isn't. Most modern medicine worships the "god" of science and humanism, but Christians are not leery of that because it seems "neutral" and "scientific." But we are warned to "beware of science falsely so-called" (Col. 2:8). We are not tricked by the long-haired hippie man with a giant crystal hanging around his neck, but we are tricked by the clean-shaven, white-jacket-wearing man with the stethoscope hanging around his.

My point here isn't necessarily to bash modern medicine, nor to cast alternative medicine in a bad light, but rather to say that we need to be aware that everything we do and participate in has spiritual implications. Healing is no different. We are spiritual creatures and healing is a spiritual experience (just do a quick look-up of the word "heal" in the Bible and you'll have more than enough to keep you busy). This is why, spiritually speaking, I am not as concerned about the method as I am about the spiritual condition of the person employing it on me. Why would I want humans with god-complexes who think everything about science has already been discovered to soak up all the glory that belongs to God? And whose to say that the alternative practice that gives glory to "Mother Earth" has not simply co-opted truth in the name of their evil religion? Wouldn't that be a rather effective method to spread the lies of New Age, after all? Take GOD'S truth...which works and is effective...and co-opt it for New Age so that evil gets to steal the glory? I certainly don't want to give glory to that, either, regardless of whether or not it "works." So what am I getting at?

The bottom line: ALL truth is GOD'S truth. So, if kinesiology, for example, works...then is that Satan doing the healing or GOD? If all truth is God's truth, then what do we make of this?

Satan can't heal. "Mother Earth" can't heal. The "life force" can't heal. Science can't heal. Only God can. No matter who or what anyone wants to tell us. No matter how they manipulate or co-opt truth. "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

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