Friday, December 26, 2014

He Gives and Takes Away...And Gives Again: Part 2

Thus began a crazy, twisty-turny journey of faith! First, our realtor told us there was an issue with the title, but it should be worked out. We knew it would be, of course...this was our house! God had clearly given it to us. But it turned out that it could not be worked out by our closing date, which was just a couple weeks away, before Thanksgiving. So, the closing date was postponed...then postponed again. Finally, we got a call one day from Beth, who told us, "I've never seen this happen before, but they couldn't get the title issue fixed, so Fannie Mae has taken it off the market and returned it to the bank." Little did we know this was the first of several "firsts" our seasoned realtor would experience!

We were disappointed and confused. Why had God given us something and then just taken it away like that? He wasn't the kind of God to dangle a carrot and then quickly take it away, was He? This didn't seem to fit with His nature. Yet, this seemed to be what He was doing. Admittedly, Jon's faith was far less shaken than mine. He steadfastly persisted in believing that this was God's farm for us. And I wanted to believe, as well. In fact, I clearly remember a time when I began to feel despair over losing "our farm" and suddenly, like a clear voice in my ear, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, "Why are you upset? It's still your farm. You are going to live there." That should have been all it took, but I was still hesitant to believe.

Knowing my lack of faith, God brought circumstance after circumstance to begin building it back up. We heard several messages in church on faith that seemed to be specifically for me. One in particular was about Abraham's journey to a foreign land. God asked Him to leave his familiar homeland in faith. He told him to go to a land that He would show him...a promised land. So, Abraham stepped out in faith and journeys many, many miles, following God's leading. And when he arrived, what did he find? A land which was already inhabited. Our pastor encouraged us that when we step out in faith, we are often heading straight for obstacles. But God is in control, even when He leads us to a promised land that is already inhabited. He has a plan and we need to have faith and trust in Him, even when we hit obstacles!

During this time, I also decided to join a Bible study. I am not one to sign up for a lot of extracurricular activities outside the home, as I am just too busy with things at home. But I felt compelled to do this. Again, God was in this little decision. The book of the Bible we were studying "happened" to be Hebrews. Every week, I was being reminded of what true faith looks like and how to stretch and grow mine.

As the months of God's testing went on, I came to realize that the miracle of God's answer to our prayers was no less a miracle just because He saw fit to take it back. God is a good God, whether we understand His ways or not. He gives and He takes away...blessed be the name of the Lord! So, we began to just thank Him and praise Him for His amazing blessing, even though it was no longer ours. We marveled at the fact that He had answered so specifically. And we thanked him for the opportunity He was giving us to grow our faith.

And then one day the phone rang again.

It was our realtor, Beth. "Well," she said, "I just got a call from the realtor handling that house. He said it's back on the market and he wanted to know if you were still interested." Still interested? Of course! This time, since there were no other offers that we knew of, we offered only $45,000...$5,000 above asking price, just to be sure we got it. Our faith was not quite strong enough to only offer the asking price. Not long after, we got another call from Beth, "Well, this is the strangest thing I've ever seen and I've been doing foreclosures a long time. They counter-offered," I braced myself for the amount, "for $40,000." What? I think I must have asked her to repeat herself, as this bit of information did not quite compute! The bank had actually counter-offered for less than what we had offered! Apparently, God knew we needed every bit of that extra $10,000 from Jon's 401K to do the renovations. He didn't want us using any of it to buy the house!

We closed on the house and began to slowly go through all of our belongings and begin work on seemingly endless renovations. So many afternoons were spent out at the new house ripping up carpet, painting walls, and scraping off popcorn ceilings. What a job! During this time, I began to waver in my faith again. Were we totally crazy spending every dime of our retirement while we still owned our current house? I trusted God, but I just wanted assurance that we hadn't done something financially stupid. Well, maybe we had according to common wisdom, but I felt I needed assurance that it was in God's plan and that we would sell our house. Then one night I had a dream. It was the kind of dream that feels more like reality than a dream...that feels like a message from the Lord. In it, we sold our house in two days. That was all the confirmation I needed and I was at peace with our crazy decision! I even told a few people about my dream and that I believed we would sell the house in just a few days. And I began to pray that way, and to also pray that God would send a good Christian family to buy it.

We finally completed the renovations, then got our current house de-cluttered and cleaned up (parents are great helping with these things!), and went ahead and listed our house just in time for spring. The market at that point had turned and houses in our price range and size were selling quickly and for good amounts. An extra blessing was that since we had been able to buy the new house outright, we were able to move into it, but leave some of our things in the old house to stage it. And I wouldn't have to clean up every time we had a showing! (That turned out to not matter much anyway, but it was a nice idea). We were able to list our house for more than what we paid. Beth got it on the MLS on a Friday. A family came and looked at it on Saturday and were very interested. On Tuesday morning, we got the call that they loved our house and wanted to make an offer! We sold it and came away without losing any money. And in two (well, three technically) days...just like my dream!

One day shortly after we had sold it, before the closing, I ran into the new owner and had a nice conversation with him. I found out they were a Christian family and he had actually been homeschooled! It was an extra blessing knowing that our beautiful home filled with so many memories would go to a Christian family. And one more little blessing is that our new neighbor, who lives behind the gate with us and used to own all the land where we live, is of the same self-sufficiency, "prepper" mindset. It is good to know we have a neighbor who is watching out for the property.

Now we patiently await for God to complete "part 3" of this amazing journey. And we know He will! Part three is two-fold: 1. Heal Jon completely from his health challenges and 2. Provide a way for him to come home from corporate America. We pray these things because we know that in order to live off the land and do the things we want to do here, he needs to feel better. He has so many ideas he wants to work on (truly brilliant ones that he doesn't have time for) and really wants to homestead more, too! He wants to work side-by-side with his children, disciplining them every day! And we need his leadership. I'm so haphazard...I know I need him in the area of scheduling and to help keep us (me) on task. And honestly, he just needs rest from the stress of the kind of mentally exhausting work he does every day. I.T. is a very stressful job. We are SO grateful that God has allowed him many years of working from home, but it is still a stressful job that takes so much of his time. Having a brain injury (from a car accident years ago) makes his job even more stressful.

But we already see God answering these prayers. Over the years, he has improved. His Lyme disease is gone and his struggles now are lessening. We recently learned that he has issues with his spleen (probably from the years of being sick), so we did some research and began a regimen of certain herbs that are supposed to help. We are slowly seeing results!

And as for bringing him home, this is also being answered. God led us this year to a wonderful group called Educating for Success where we have learned some real options for starting our own business(es) and been able to network with some of the most amazing Christian homeschooling families. Finally, with the things I've learned, I feel like I can pursue all these entrepreneurial ideas I've always had floating around my head! I feel like I'm allowed to be who God created me to entrepreneur. Soon we will be starting our own online food store ( that will only offer non-GMO foods. We are very excited about the possibilities with it! Not only will we get to educate the public on the dangers of GMOs (which we have seen first-hand), but we will also get to sell good food at wholesale prices. And I have started a business with a company called SendOutCards ( and am seeing a lot of potential there, as well. (It's also helped me to be able to easily send cards to people to show them I care). And we have another venture in the works, also, that we're hoping to get off the ground in January. Our goal is to have multiple streams of income so that if one stream dries up, we have other sources we can focus on. This is another thing God has taught us...that it is wise to have multiple sources of income instead of being completely dependent on one.

Jon has always said, "Danielle, bring me home from work," but I didn't think I could. Now I'm seeing God open the doors to be able to do this for my husband, while still being a responsible wife and mother. We prayed an "impossible" prayer once, and God delivered in an amazing way. So, we KNOW He will be faithful to answer again as we pray in line with His will! We believe God's will is to heal Jon and bring him home from corporate America. We are praying He does it this year, but we are patient for His perfect timing because it is ALWAYS perfect!

(Continued SOMEDAY when God answers! Keep watching for Part 3. :))


  1. so inspiring! Thanks for this wonderful optimism and faith!

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