Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When Free is Too High a Price

This morning was cold in front of 700 E. Hebron St. as we spoke for those who could not speak for themselves. No babies saved that we know of, but God's Word will not return void! There were a couple interesting interactions, however. A man who had just dropped someone off stopped to tell me that he and his mom are pro-life and that she actually counsels women not to have abortions. I looked at him a bit confused and asked, "Then why did you just drop someone off here?" He said, "No, you don't understand. That's my mom. She works here and tells the girls not to abort." I was flabbergasted. With doubt clearly written all over my face I said, "This is a place that makes a lot of money off killing babies. Why in the world would they hire someone to counsel moms to NOT kill their babies? That doesn't make sense." He didn't have an answer for me, but firmly maintained that his mom counseled against abortion. Strange. Could someone really work from the inside to try to do good? I think it's completely the wrong method. But regardless of that, I don't believe him for a second. I think the likelier story is that his mom tells herself (and others) that she's doing good and trying to talk women out of abortion by working there. If she were really against abortion, how could she accept their blood money as payment?

But before that interaction was one that frustrated and surprised me a bit. A couple stopped and I asked if they were there for an abortion. They said they weren't. I followed up with my usual, "Did you know that they kill unborn babies here? You really shouldn't be here supporting them with your money." I then asked if they needed an ultrasound and they said they did. "Oh, I can get you one for free today. We'll just need to call." (No RV today). They looked a bit skeptical and acted unsure. I said, "They will charge you $100 in here to do an ultrasound. Why don't you just let me call and you can have one for free?" The girl looked interested, but the guy piped up that they didn't want it. I asked why. "Well, my friend and his girl got one here and they said it was cool. The people were cool." "So you'd rather pay $100 for an ultrasound here by people who are probably not even licensed nurses than go have one done for free?" Yes was the answer. It seems "free" is too high a price when it might include someone counseling against what is already in your heart to do. I strongly suspect the ultrasound was only part of their plans for the morning. No one ever likes to admit they are about the murder their own baby...or at the very least that it might be an option if things don't go well on the ultrasound.

Surprisingly, I also had the opportunity to speak to the driver of the Stericycle truck, as his window was partway down. He looked down at me with lifeless eyes as I asked in as nice a voice as I could, "How can work for this company picking up boxes of dead babies? You don't have to do this. We can help you find another job." I got no answer in return, but eyes full of conviction and sadness.

We also had the usual flip-offs and drive-by insults. (One guy hung out his window, making the "L" for "loser" with his hand and yelling something at us. Do these people really think that kind of foolishness is going to make us run home crying or never come back again?). But we're always grateful for the friendly honks and waves, which God always prompts people to give us! It was sad today to see girls so clearly influenced by their boyfriends. Sometimes I wonder how many of them would choose life if only their boyfriends would offer to help and support them? Women need strong leaders!

It was good to have Anna and Sarah Misko, Susan, and Flip out with us today. I love to hear Flip preach on the mic! And I am always so blessed by the others, as well. Thank you for your prayers today and please pray for all these interactions to bear fruit in God's time.

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